Google EDU Innovator - Mr.G

I’m working to apply for the Google Innovator. Here’s my current draft (v2.2)
Any tips?


I meant to watch this like 4 days ago, and then, well, you know… we got sidetracked.

Your production quality is AMAZING! And you’re applying in music video format? Uh… have you seen some of the past videos? You have absolutely NOTHING to worry about there!

That being said, I’m pretty sure that scoring relies heavily on the content, and on focusing on the problem that you want to tackle - and almost more importantly, that you’re NOT hinting at any type of solution yet. That all comes later.

Sadly, I am not fluent in Spanish, but I can gather a decent (?) amount from the little bit I do know, plus inferences, so it looks like you’re wanting to focus on financial literacy and fluency… aka adulting? That school might be great for traditional/core subjects, but actual relevant life skills… maybe not so much? I do love that idea and think that it’s a need being unmet, or at least not in an equitable way across schools. Bonus: I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone concentrate on this particular problem yet, and I know many projects are in danger of being redundant/repetitive, so this is a plus.

How’d I do? Did I catch on enough?

Yes. However #MEX20 has been pushed to December. I have to redo the whole thing in English now.

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Está genial Carlos! Me encanta!
También estoy pensando en preparar una candidatura para Madrid, pero aún no sé de qué.

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Gracias. Madrid sería imposible para mí. No tengo los recursos. Pero #SVL20 será mi primer opción.

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